Highway to Health - Event Programme

Registration for in-person participation is open until Thursday 19 January 2023.

Plenum event on AI and Digital Healthcare at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU in Brussels, Belgium, on 24 January 2023, 17:00 – 20:00 CET (in-person or remote) and a joint networking dinner.


The pandemic has raised global awareness of the value of medical data. While fighting COVID-19 at Frankfurt University Hospital, we launched the ENVISION project with our partners form all over Europe.
To help shape the future of digital healthcare, we would like to share and discuss our vision, challenges, and progress with stakeholders from politics, science, and society.

16:30 – 17:00

Event Registration

In-person: Registration at the desk on the 1st floor of the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU, Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Virtual: Registration link (event link sent via email upon registration) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83515017802?pwd=eVNna1dCMTVMMWE5ZmtNaWpDeU5JUT09

17:00 – 17:15

Welcome Session

Joël Girard and Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Kai Zacharowski

17:15 – 17:35

Panel Session Part 1: Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Safety and Combat Future Health Threats 

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Kai Zacharowski
Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine, and Pain Therapy at the University Hospital Frankfurt

EU funded project: ENVISION – Intelligent plug-and-play digital tool for real-time surveillance of COVID-19 patients and smart decision-making in intensive care units.

Dagmar Lüttel
Scientific Associate at Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit e.V. (APS)

The Active Alliance for Patient Safety offers guidance for healthcare staff on digital health and patient information on COVID-19 among other activities related to patient safety.

17:35 – 18:00

Discussion (moderated by Kai Zacharowski)

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise healthcare, but realising its full potential requires collaboration and engagement from a wide range of stakeholders. With clinicians, scientists, representatives of patient safety organisations and policymakers, we will discuss the promising opportunities and challenges of developing and implementing AI tools in the EU. 


18:30 – 19:00

Panel Session Part 2: Data standardisation and digital healthcare 

Dr. Oliver Old

Data Scientist and Statistician; consulting, evaluation, and model building within the AI/ML and statistics part of ENVISION, University Clinics Frankfurt

Digital Healthcare in the light of the FAIR principle. 

Theresa Barry
Clinical Terminology Architecture Lead at eHealth Ireland and Chair of Member Forum for SNOMED International

SNOMED CT supports the development of comprehensive high-quality clinical content in electronic health records. It provides a standardized way to represent clinical phrases captured by the clinician and enables automatic interpretation of these.

Dr. Samira Maghool
Assistant Professor (RTD-A) at Università degli Studi di Milano

EU funded project: SMART BEAR – Smart big data platform to offer evidence-based personalised support for healthy and independent living at home.


Discussion (moderated by Markus Ketomäki, University Clinics Frankfurt)

Data is a critical component of future progress in AI technologies. Large amounts of high-quality data are needed to train and validate AI models. Data collection, sharing and standardisation are critical to harnessing the full benefits of AI in healthcare. With our experts, we will discuss the requirements and challenges of data collection and processing in the EU and the patient’s perspective on the use of personal data for research and development. 

19:45 – 20:00

Closing Session

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Kai Zacharowski

20:00 – 22:00

Joint Networking Dinner