ENVISION – Improvement of intensive care of COVID-19 patients with artificial intelligence

Authors: Alpo Värri, Antti Kallonen, Hannu Nieminen, Mark van Gils

Publication: Finish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare: November 2021

Entering the new digital era of intensive care medicine: an overview of interdisciplinary approaches to use artificial intelligence for patients’ benefit

Authors: Old, Oliver; Friedrichson, Benjamin; Zacharowski, Kai; Kloka, Jan Andreas

Publication: European Journal of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care: February 2023

Mechanical ventilation as a major driver of COVID-19 hospitalization costs: A costing study in a German setting

Authors: Leslie Reanne Zwerwer; Jan Andreas Kloka; Simon van der Pol; Maarten J. Postma; Kai Zacharowski; Antoinette D.I. van Asselt; Benjamin Friedrichson

Publication: Health Economics Review: March 2023